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Updating file attributes with vb

As an alternative to this script, you might also to consider using the Bulk AD Users application (freeware) available on this website.Bulk AD Users supports updating users via CSV file and it includes some other tools for updating users accounts such as the Edit In Excel and Bulk Modify features.

That's not to say that Bulk AD Users is a complete replacement for this script as the script allows you to customize the code for your own requirements, and it can also be automated via task manager if required.This script can be used to update Active Directory User attributes from a CSV file.One column in the CSV file is used to match rows in the CSV file to user accounts in Active Directory and the other columns are used to update attributes.Normally the Pre-Windows 2000 username (s AMAccount Name) attribute is used to match rows in the CSV file to user accounts in Active Directory, but you can easily modify the script to use a different attribute if required.For example, you might want to identify the user account you want to update in the CSV file by email address (mail attribute) rather than username.If you have a large domain or a domain that is connected over slow WAN links, you might also need to consider the impact of replication traffic when performing bulk updates.

Bulk updates can save an enormous amount of time and they normally run very smoothly if planned correctly.

The first step in updating user accounts from a CSV file is to produce a valid CSV input file for the script.

There is always an element of risk involved in performing bulk updates to Active Directory.

Please be sure to test updates in a QA environment before applying them to your live domain.

Also, it's a good idea to have a plan of action prepared should something go wrong with the update.

Taking a backup of your Active Directory database is a sensible precaution, and it also pays to be familiar with backup and restore techniques.

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