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Undertaker dating michelle mcool

He loves to spend his time with his kids and family.‘The Undertaker’ or ‘Mark Calway’ both are two opposite personality but are of the same person. Calway has a scary and a threatening character on-screen but off-screen he’s just an ordinary simple kind-hearted person which is the inspiration to all. Despite his fierce and rude personality, he’s such a loving and a kind person.

He and his wife, former WWE Superstar Michelle Mc Cool celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary today.Calway did many various matches including Body Bag match, rest in peace Match, Buried Alive match, Casket Match, Last ride match, etc.In spite of his Professional life, if we look at his personal life, he’s totally opposite to its Dead Man title.He’s an amiable and kind-hearted persona, as he also live a healthy and a happy life with his family and friends.He also does hangouts with his friends like Triple H, Kane and others.People believe what they see, they judge all the celebrities through their outer personality and starts thinking that they are the same in their personal and professional life. For me, judging someone through their personality does not define who they are.

Every person is different in both of his personal and professional life.

For example, Undertaker is known as a Deadman in his wrestling career.

So, People believe that he’s that tough and dead personality in reality also. ‘The Undertaker,’ is a wrestling ring title of most famous old man wrestler and a great actor Mark Calway. Undertaker is known for his unrivaled 21 victories, after winning eight times the title of world Champion in wrestling as he’s considered as the best professional wrestler.

36-year-old Mc Cool retired from wrestling in 2009.

She was the first WWE Divas’ Champion and later won the WWE Women’s Championship, becoming the first female Superstar to boast of such feats.

In another first, Mc Cool held both the titles in 2010, and she remains the only person in WWE history to do so.

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