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The line between friends and dating

He wasn’t asking for help, but I consistently dropped everything to be at his side.He was my best friend, and I let myself care for him, regardless of the fact that our relationship was tumultuous at best.

I should have instated my rule about not dating friends after suffering through months of emotional ping-pong with the last guy, but I didn’t because I am a glutton for punishment.It’s been brought to my attention that I may have been presenting a one-sided argument last week when I said that guys have no problem dating their female friends.So, I want to unveil my own mishaps when I blurred the line between platonic and romantic relationships.I choose not to do so anymore because the risk has proven to be too high.When I was 18, I was best friends with a guy who carried more baggage than I should have tried to saddle on myself.A few years after my first unfortunate experience with dating a friend, I began seeing someone who I had known since I was 12.

We were seeing each other casually because we had both recently gotten out of long-term relationships. However, I think that I was trying to convince myself more so than I was trying to convince him.

We always openly discussed the people we were interested in or seeing, and he continued to do so while we were seeing each other.

He spent the better part of high school selling drugs and battling a vicodin addiction.

He spent many of his nights sleeping on the beach because the crashing waves and cold sand were more of a home to him than his own bedsheets.

He was very angry and consistently depressed, and I was head-over-heels infatuated with him. That was my first problem because you can’t fix people, and you can’t save them.

In entering adulthood, there is a startling realization that people can only fix themselves.

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