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Spring hibernatetemplate saveorupdate not updating

In COBOL merging means combining records of two or more sequential files. After merging all the records can be stored in seperate output file. Update means we can modify the records of any file. BTW, there is the same kind of relationship in the HR sample application between employee and event.

At the begining of Jspresso, I had a look to hibernate annotations to get rid of mapping files but the coverage was not complete then and we were missing some important features (especially for persisting proxies). We could improve the freemarker template used to generate the entities to choose between annotations and xml mapping; but this is somehow transparent to the developper since there is hardly anything you would need to change manually instead of re-generating the model entities.Hope this helps, Vincent The One To Many relation between employee and event is monodirectional.The One To Many relation between contract and payslip is bidirectional. Hi, First of all, forget all about my last post regarding hibernate annotations.So it needs to specifiy not-null = “true” as attribute of @on the One To Many side. I don’t know why but I read annotations instead of Xdoclet tags… After having some sleep, I think that the problem you face comes from the fact that you declare the on both sides, everything runs fine.As a follow-up, you can configure constraints on most relational databases (except HSQL DB as far as I know and this is bad for the development phase) to apply the checks at the end of the transaction instead of after each statement.This would solve the not-null problem since at the end of your transaction all constraints are actually valid (but invalid after the first file.

In that case you make the backend more permissive (actually accepting null values) but you will still check the constraint on the application side.

To be complete, here is how you would make the Hibernate is happy and does the job.

No need to remove all the constraints or to deal with the database configuration.

The problem of list with bidirectional relation seems an old one for Hibernate, with a solution only since the version 3.2.2: to put a not null constraint on the underlying column () on both sides of the relation, as described on IMO there is no reason to do otherwise.

The question becomes how to deal with it from the model: – either automatically when a bidirection relation is defined with a list interface – either by hand with a specific attribute, and then which one.

class that is responsible for all the instance lifecycle of the Jspresso entities regarding Hibernate. The problem is that Hibernate handles extra properties to manage collections that are not known by the entity. The bug made these “special” properties reset to null when persisting an entity, thus removing the underlying columns from the first INSERT statement and violating the database not-null constraint.

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