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Sasha alexander dating history

After only a few years of marriage however, the fairytale romance began to fall apart.It appeared that Sinclair’s youthful free spirit could not be tamed by the title “First Lady,” and her behaviour did not fit well with the expectations associated with her new title.

In 1971, the hearts of many Canadian women shattered upon the announcement that Trudeau had married twenty-two-year-old ‘flower child’, Margaret Sinclair.The couple met in 1967 while Trudeau and Sinclair were vacationing separately in Tahiti.Sinclair told her mother she was not interested in Trudeau after their first meeting, yet less than a year later Trudeau’s persistence and charm won out and the two began dating.The couple appeared happy and in love, and on March 4, 1971, Sinclair and Trudeau were secretly married.Watch Margaret Trudeau’s interview with Toronto Star senior writer, Susan Delacourt. This clip is part 1 of 8, and an interview about Margaret’s latest book Pierre Elliot Trudeau was a forty-eight-year-old bachelor when he became the Prime Minister of Canada in 1968.A charismatic, youthful Liberal, Trudeau quickly captured the attention of Canadians.

As women, young and old, fell in love with him and their brothers and husbands came to idolize him, their infatuation with Trudeau became known as Trudeaumania.

Pierre Trudeau was a rock star of Canadian politics.

During the early stages of their thirteen-year marriage, Trudeau and Sinclair had three children, all boys. Two years later, to the day, Justin was followed by Alexander (Sasha).

On October 2, 1975, Sinclair gave birth to the couples’ third son, Michel.

Trudeau and Sinclair’s romance materialized at a time when the private lives of politicians and celebrities first became seriously targeted by the media.

The combination of Trudeau’s charismatic personality mixed with Sinclair’s beauty and youth made the newlyweds a popular item at the newsstands.

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