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Plenty more fish dating silver pond

The high number of lakes has certainly helped me when it comes to guided ice fishing trips.

I’m also thankful for a special circle of fishing friends and one of them, Terry Wickstrom, just happens to be here fishing with me at the time of this writing.Terry hails from Colorado but grew up in the Hibbing/Grand Rapids area.Terry often says “we never grew up, we just got older.” I think he’s right on that one.Wickstrom has been a huge influence in the sport of fishing, writing articles for In-Fisherman, Facts of Fishing, and several other outdoor publications.Appearing on television every week for over twelve years, he has recently retired from the limelight of “Mountain States Fishing” and “Angling Adventures”, of which I was co-host.He continues with his popular Saturday morning radio program, based out of Denver, and has now taken up writing a weekly column for the Denver Post. Another fishing buddy is my guide partner Justin Bailey.

Somewhat a newcomer to the media fishing scene, Bailey has made a huge splash in the industry.

He just has a knack for promotion, as well as catching fish.

Itasca county offers over 1,000 lakes to choose from and I’ve certainly done more than my duty in trying to fish them all.

Every once in a while, I have to just sit back and look at the whole picture. First off, let’s start with the fishing and all other outdoor activities available to us in this magnificent Minnesota “North Country”.

However, at last count, I was only at around 350 or so and know I’ll never hit that magic one thousand mark.

I probably could fish them all but great fishing keeps me going back to about a dozen or so local lakes and I’m happy with that.

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