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Passport dating to re enter us

A Transit Visa does not permit the holder to leave the port/airport. If the wedding ceremony will take place later than the non-national's visa allows, he or she will have to report to the Dublin Garda National Immigration Office or the local Garda station.You can only transit to your onward connection and you must have a valid visa (if required) for your final destination. This visit must take place prior to the date stamped on the passport or visa.

In other words, the wedding will have to be scheduled and official documents to that effect have to be presented in order to get an extension.Once married, both non-national and the Irish spouse need to go back to the Garda Station/Immigration Office.Both partners will need to present passports and the marriage licence.If you do this in Dublin, the non-national will walk out of the office with a residency permit.If you do it outside of Dublin, it will take a few days for the permit to arrive.When entering Ireland for the first time as the spouse of an Irish citizen, simply show your EU passport at the airport or ferry port and enter Ireland.

Within 3 months, register at your local Garda/Police station. The "Ireland Visa Requirements" document consists of two lists – Schedule 1 and Schedule 2.

Schedule 1 lists those countries whose nationals do not require a visa to enter Ireland. If your non-national spouse entered Ireland on a visitor's visa or authorization (in other words, Schedule 1 - non-visa required nationals - see the preceeding section for details), you may be worried about their status after your marriage in Ireland.

Therefore nationals of all countries not mentioned on Schedule 1 will require a Visa prior to seeking entry to Ireland. Nationals of all countries listed in Schedule 2 require a visa to transit through Ireland. Don't be - unless the new spouse is from a visa-required nation. There is no problem if you celebrate your nuptials before the visa expires.

Once the permit has arrived, the non-national is free to work without any need for a work permit.

Click here for information on Weddings in Ireland & Registry I've called the Garda National Immigration Bureau three times about this. If, upon passing through Passport Control, the non-Irish spouse is asked the reason for their visit, the complete truth is the best response.

The non-EU spouse should tell the Immigration official about the marriage to an Irish citizen.

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