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Oliver martinez dating

Chicken broth is one of the best things to consume when you are sick – but just try getting children to sip it. Nope, there must be noodles involved, plus a few flavour enhancers like parsley and Parmesan.

If you have homemade chicken stock, use it now, and if not, check if your local butcher or deli sells frozen stock.I’m speaking from experience when I say that we just feel like huddling under a quilt until it passes.But we need nourishment and it doesn’t come from a box or a package.Home cooking can still happen when we’re feeling unwell, but recipes need to be absurdly simple, like today’s homemade chicken noodle soup.We made this recipe three times last week when we were hit hard with the flu.Cooking together as a family doesn’t always happen under ideal circumstances.

In a perfect household everyone would be healthy and well rested with hands scrubbed clean.

But we’re all real people, with busy lives, and unfortunately, susceptible to getting sick, especially in the winter months.

So what happens when the family core falls under the weather?

If you have to buy it from a supermarket, look for organic, low sodium chicken broth.

The recipe is very basic, but it is meant to be prepared and enjoyed when you have little energy to spare.

Jamie’s Chicken garden soup is another great recipe for when you are feeling a little more ambitious.

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