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Intimidating sports music

Apparently, some of the folks in the area who were registered to vote were too afraid to head to the polls and stayed home instead.“The story is particularly disturbing because the people being targeted are refugees who came here to escape oppression.

On a day that should encapsulate everything they sought by becoming American citizens, they are faced instead with threats and intimidation when trying to cast their ballots.”“We are specifically monitoring reports of alleged voter intimidation among vulnerable minority populations, such as the Hmong community.California’s Attorney General is looking into intimidating minority voters done by none other than the right wing, self-described “constitutional,” Cliven Bundy linked Sheriff Jon Lopey of Siskiyou County and his deputies. The people meant to protect the rights of citizens, were squashing the rights of citizens – allegedly.Under the guise of sniffing out voter fraud, it seems that the Sheriff and his crew targeted an Asian ethnic group called the Hmong’s, many of whom are refugees from Vietnam or Laos, who live in a subdivision in Siskiyou County in Northern California near the Oregon border.reports that according to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the lawmen decided to set up a checkpoint near the community and stopped only Hmong driven cars to ask if they were registered to vote.Furthermore, residents say that heavily armed cops came into the community and went to houses of non-registered voters and threatened to jail them if they attempted to vote.In , Branch chronicles the struggle, from the twilight of the Eisenhower years through King’s fiery political baptism, the ascension of John F.

Kennedy, and ultimately, the dawning of the New South.

Moving from the black churches where the movement began in anthems, sermons, and prayers to Washington, where the Kennedy brothers weighed the demands of a down-trodden people against the volatile realities of politics, Branch weaves a tapestry of exciting stories: the Montgomery bus boycott, the Freedom Rides, the siege of Birmingham, the lunch-counter sit-ins, the church bombings, and – as the movement reached its apex – the tragedy of Kennedy’s assassination.

Anyone who witnesses or is subject to voter intimidation should report it to the Secretary of State’s office.” So, who is Sheriff Jon Lopey? He is part of the far right-wing Oathkeepers organization which, according to The Southern Poverty Law Center, is “a fiercely antigovernment, militaristic group that improbably claims more than 30,000 law enforcement officers, soldiers and military veterans as members.” He also is the founder of a group called Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association which believes that “county sheriffs are the highest law enforcement officers in the United States and authorized to evaluate which laws are constitutional.” This, of course, is bullshit of the highest order. His group just happens to be entwined with the heavily armed Cliven Bundy militia madmen warrior-wannabe’s that took over an Oregon Wildlife Refuge. Why, they want to get as many far-right sheriffs who think like they do in to offices around the country. american civil liberties union Cliven Bundy Hmong refugees in California sheriff jon lopey accused of voter intimidation Southern Poverty Law Center such as the Hmong community.

, Taylor Branch has created an unparalleled epic of America in the midst of change, poised on the threshold of its most explosive era.

Here is a vivid, panoramic portrait of America divided, at war with itself, and finally transformed by a struggle that left no citizen untouched – the civil rights movement, led by Dr.

Martin Luther King, Jr., borne by the spirit of a generation of young black leaders determined to seize equality and justice.

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