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7 inches Quad LCD Monitor LM-070Q-A Features: –Built-in quad control box function –Support four camera inputs –With remote controller –Single View/Split view/Quad view selectable –7 languages OSD display –PAL/NTSC optional, MIRROR/NORMAL image optional –Automatically turn on when the reversing gear is engaged –Trigger priority: CAM 110): (up/down/left/right): 50/60/70/70 Degrees (3)Resolution:800 R. September 14, 2000) Day-of-Air Today at the East County Community Health Services clinic in El Cajon, Supervisor Dianne Jacob is holding a “newser,” an announcement directed at the media.

But she also wants people to use an emergency room only when it’s necessary.On this issue the public needs educating, a job some feel is not the bailiwick of elected officials. For Jacob and Jacob’s media-relations officer, the solution is a no-brainer: Stage a media event.Facing the cameras will be a line-up of doctors, patients, and emergency medical technicians, standing behind Jacob and supporting her speech at the portable amplified podium with a seal whose motto reads, “The noblest motive is the public good.” Jacob hopes her newser will spread the word about not using the emergency room for non-emergency problems.Six hundred thousand uninsured people live in the county, about 20 percent of the population.Of those who use the emergency room, 60 percent don’t require urgent care. People without health insurance or a primary care physician tend to seek immediate relief for influenza or a bloody nose.Having been assigned this story at the morning editorial meeting, Kim and Klein began calling emergency rooms to interview the staff but were told, in so many words, to stay away.

They learned that doctor-patient confidentiality forbids shooting peoples’ faces in an ER, and that doctors are too busy on Mondays (this is a Monday) to talk to reporters about the “overuse” of their facility.

So the pair decided to find a new angle or, better, to something out of the newser.

How better for Jacob to get this message out than to call on television.

And so, in the form of two-person news crews, the local stations oblige: KGTV/Channel 10; KUSI/Channel 51; KFMB/Channel 8; KNSD/Channel 39; XETV/Channel 6; KSWB/Channel 69; and KBNT/Channel 19 (Spanish language Univision).

These seven stations broadcast 113 hours of news every week in San Diego, the 25 largest media market in America.

I’m riding to the newser with KGTV photographer Richard Klein and weekend anchor/reporter Lee Ann Kim.

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