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Freaky adult hookup

As an only child, I really relate to Angelica's fear.As a human being, I an also relate to Angelica's fear because OH MY GOD GIANT EVIL BABY.

When Chuckie tries to run away, a guardian angel shows him what life would be like without him.That show was all about imagination, friendship and teamwork, so even for a cartoon it offered some great life lessons. But you’ve got to admit that some episodes were straight up weird, trippy or scary.At least, that’s what I told my parents whenever they said I watched too much of those babies. In the cartoon world, anything goes, and the animators and writers for this show definitely took advantage of that fact. Then check out this round up of 10 episodes of So this is the episode in which it seems as if Angelica's mom is pregnant.angelica, being an only child, flips out and has a terrible nightmare of what sort of reality she would live in with a sibling. Her "baby brother" ends up being a massive, bullying baby who drools, steals Angelica's food and wants to get Angelica out of the picture for good.On top of all that, Angelica's parents basically forget that she exists, doting on this hell baby instead.It's a terrible, grizzly gun game that you wouldn't expect to be mentioned in a cartoon about babies. It's full of Chuckie having super realistic nightmares and thinking that they're reality. So Stu gets a head injury and temporarily thinks that he is a baby.

We've all been there, but I can imagine that it's extra freaky when you're a baby. Dude even wore a diaper (bed sheets) and made spit bubbles. If you need a refresher, here you go: Chuckie swallows a watermelon seed and because Angelica is a terrible human being, she tells him that a watermelon is going to grow in his body and make him explode.

This isn't exactly weird or freaky so much as it was just grotesque to watch this grown man revert to gross baby mannerisms, including baby talk. The episode is largely a fantasy sequence of Angelica shrinking to to inside of Chuckie's body and foster the seed's growth while the rest of the babies try to stop her. As a kid I was so afraid of eating watermelon seeds because of this!

Of course, this is a play on the famous movie so I get that we're supposed to see that life without Chuckie leads to everyone he cares about having terrible lives.

But the freakiest reality sans Chuckie was of his father, who relied on a sock puppet for entertainment. Okay, there was an episode where Grandpa Lou comes back home from a long night of poker and tells Didi and Stu that he was playing a game of Russian Roulette.

When Didi asks who won, he sneers and says, You really don't know what Russian Roulette is." When I was a kid, I didn't understand this dialogue at all; it totally flew over my head.

Now, as an adult, I'm like, "Whoa, this was..for a kid's show." If you don't know what Russian Roulette is, I ask you not to Google Image search it.

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