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Facetimr chat sex

– Petra Ruiz had just left a Texas hair salon Saturday—after a special appointment her husband set up for her as a Christmas gift—and called her husband on Face Time to chat during the drive home, placing her phone in her SUV's cup holder.Suddenly she started screaming and disappeared from the screen of her husband's phone.

Tornadoes had struck Texas, and Ruiz, 27, was one of the victims: When Porras found her car, "It was flipped over and it was crushed," Porras tells CBS News; it had been thrown off an overpass.In the meantime, if you’re wondering what the f**k is up with your love life, check out our book THE GAGGLE: How to Find Love in the Post-Dating World.Based on a year’s worth of deeply personal and illuminating interviews with men and women across the country, THE GAGGLE explores the landscape of today’s post-dating world and captures the new ways that we are finding love at a time when the rules of sex, dating and relationships are completely changing.Ambiguous texts, sudden blowoffs, confusing hookups, mixed signals, an endless parade of online dates…this does not have to be your love life!Pick up a copy of THE GAGGLE – as featured in The New York Times, The Today Show, Rolling Stone, Elle, VH1, Cosmopolitan and Elle, among many other outlets - and start living your best love life today.She was in a terrible accident and she has left us.'" A Go Fund Me campaign set up to help with funeral costs and other expenses has raised more than $36,000 so far.

i OS: Much like the Face Time app on the i Pod touch, Face Now's purpose is to make it easier and faster to make Face Time video calls from your i Phone without the hassle of menu navigation or making a real, voice call first. You open it up, add a contact from your address book, and you're ready to go.

When you want to make a Face Time video call, just click their name and the app will bypass all the usual steps and take you straight to the video connection.

He crawled inside and took her hand, begging her to wake up, but "she had no pulse. The couple, who met when Ruiz was 15 and who had been married for 10 years, had been talking about what was for dinner before the tornado struck.

The weather hadn't come up in conversation, and Porras tells CBS he doesn't think his wife saw it coming.

Seven other people died in Garland, Texas, that day, all of them in their vehicles.

Heartbroken, Porras went home to the couple's four children, aged 2 to 9: "I just said to them, ' Mommy is not coming home.

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