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Edan gross dating

Lisa is an 1990 American thriller/drama film about a teenage girls infatuation with a stranger that, unbeknownst to her, is a serial killer-stalker. Jeffrey Tambor co-stars in this seductive thriller.

It is revealed that Katherine had Lisa when she was 14 years old.Single mom Katherine (Cheryl Ladd) forbids her 14-year-old daughter, Lisa (Staci Keanan), from dating.Frustrated, Lisa and her equally lonely friend Wendy (Tanya Fenmore) take to secretly following attractive men, sneakily learning their numbers and prank calling them.Its all in fun until Lisa phones the handsome Richard (D. Moffett), who mistakes her for a grown woman and forges an emotional connection with her.But Lisa doesnt know that Richard is a stalker himself, and hes dangerous. Moffett) is Lisa's most charming target yet, but he's also the Candlelight Killer, who murders beautiful young women.The Candlelight Killer is a suave, good-looking, and successful restaurateur named Richard (DW Moffett), who looks more like a sexy model than a serial killer.

Richard stalks good-looking women and then stalks them once he finds out where they live.

Uniquely, Richard calls his victims over the telephone leaving messages on their answering machines saying hes in their house and is going to kill them.

Abandoned by Lisas father, Katherine was forced to leave home after her parents demanded that she put Lisa up for adoption.

These facts have made Katherine very wary about Lisa dating, feeling she would end up like her mother.

Lisa’s desire to have a boyfriend is furthered by her best friend Wendy Marks, whose less-strict mother and father have allowed her to start dating.

In the meanwhile there is a serial killer running loose in Venice Beach, nicknamed the Candlelight Killer, so called because he seduces and rapes his victims by candlelight before killing them.

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