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Drug users dating site

Tyndall MW, Kerr T, Zhang R, King E, Montaner JG, Wood E. Attendance, Drug Use Patterns, and Referrals Made From North America's First Supervised Injection Facility. Evaluation Methodology Lays out the method by which the health and community impacts of In Site will be measured and evaluated.

Attendance at Supervised Injecting Facilities and Use of Detoxification Services. Safer Injecting Facility Use and Syringe Sharing Among Injection Drug Users. American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse Supervised injection facilities have a place in comprehensive HIV care models This study explored the concept of integrating supervised injection programming into an HIV focused care facility in Vancouver. The findings show that those most likely to receive care are the individuals engaged with treatment regimens similar to those provided at In Site. The purpose of this program is to reduce the number of prescription drug/opioid overdose-related deaths and adverse events among individuals 18 years of age and older by training first responders and other key community sectors on the prevention of prescription drug/opioid overdose-related deaths and implementing secondary prevention strategies, including the purchase and distribution of naloxone to first responders.Eligible applicants are state governments, including the District of Columbia, U. territories, Pacific jurisdictions, and the Red Lake Band of the Chippewa, that receive the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant (SABG).Eligibility is limited to the agency in the state that manages the 20 percent prevention set-aside of the SABG and has completed a comprehensive substance abuse prevention strategic plan.Proposed budgets cannot exceed $1,000,000 in total costs (direct and indirect) in any year of the proposed project.Annual continuation awards will depend on the availability of funds, grantee progress in meeting project goals and objectives, timely submission of required data and reports, and compliance with all terms and conditions of award.

Insite Shown To Be Effective But Still Under Siege By Federal Government Despite medical research that indicates Vancouver's supervised injection facility, Insite, reduces needle-sharing and overdose deaths, the facility's fate is uncertain Dooling K., Rachlis M. Vancouver's supervised injection facility challenges Canada's drug laws Canadian Medical Association Journal. Wood E, Kerr T, Buchner C, Marsh D, Montaner JS, Tyndall MW. Methodology for Evaluating In Site: Canada's First Medically Supervised Safer Injection Facility for Injection Drug Users. Kerr 2008 Drug and Alcohol Dependence Demand for In Site access too high for just one facility to meet This study considers why some injection drug users resist using In Site, and continue to inject publicly.

Supervised Injection Facilities Can Help People Quit Drugs A study has found that supervised injection facilities such as Vancouver's In Site connect clients with addiction treatment, which in turn resulted in greater likelihood of stopping injection drug use for at least six months. Harm Reduction Journal 1:1-5 Rationale for Evaluation Outlines the rationale for evaluating In Site and reasons that if the In Site study is able to show public-health and/or community benefits it may provide a public-health model with the potential to address many of these drug-related harms that plague many North American cities. It has been found that injection drug users prefer In Site but are deterred by long wait times an limited operating hours.

De Beck K, Kerr T, Zhang R, Marsh D, Tyndall M, Montaner J, Wood E. Injection drug use cessation and use of North America's first medically supervised safer injecting facility. Increased Use of Addiction Treatment The Safe Injection Facility's opening was associated independently with a 30% increase in detoxification service use, and this behaviour was associated with increased rates of long-term addiction treatment initiation and reduced injecting at the SIF. Wood E, Kerr T, Montaner JS, Strathdee S, Kerr T, et al. Rationale For Evaluating North America's First Medically Supervised Injecting Facility. Changes In Public Order After The Opening of a Medically Supervised Safer Injection Facility for Injection Drug Users. Wood 2007 Circumstances of First Injection Among Illicit Drug Users Accessing a Medically Supervised Safer Injecting Facility. The study concludes that an expansion of services would decrease public injecting.

Lancet Infectious Diseases 1-6 Changes in Public Order Reports that the opening of In Site appears to have lead to improvements in public order, including reduced public injection drug use and public syringe disposal. Canadian Medical Association Journal 11-4 Impact on Drug Related Crime Examines crime rates in the neighborhood surrounding In Site during the year before versus the year after In Site opened. Impact of a Medically Supervised Safer Injecting Facility on Drug Dealing and Other Drug- Related Crime. American Journal of Public Health In Site reduces strain on the health care system Specialized and relevant onsite care is proven to reduce ER visits and hospitalizations among local injection drug users.

It finds no increases in drug trafficking or assaults/robbery, and a decline in vehicle break-ins/vehicle theft. Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention and Policy 1:1-4 Attraction of Higher-Risk Injection Users Reports that In Site attracted injection drug users (IDUs) with elevated risks of blood-borne disease infection and overdose, and IDUs who were contributing to public drug use and unsafe syringe disposal problems stemming from public injection drug use. Nurses well versed in the health challenges facing injection drug users provide wound care, safer injection education, intervene in overdose situations and treat infections.

Wood E, Tyndall MW, Li K, Lloyd-Smith E, Small W, et al. Do Supervised Injecting Facilities Attract Higher-Risk Injection Drug Users?

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