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Dating sober women in recovery

This app features:* Motivational quotes about sobriety WRITTEN ENTIRELY BY WOMEN* Unique “I HAVE BEEN SOBER FOR” calendar clock* Beautiful auto-scrolling motivational photos selected from your device’s camera roll* Your reasons to stay sober* Fast access to your sponsors* No data usages or cellular connection required* Non-specific application icon, for privacy Developed by Psychotherapy Data Systems, makers of the popular “DBT Diary” and “EMDR For Clinicians” apps, this application is designed as a full-featured devotional platform for people in recovery.

Research has shown that women have a special way of communicating and healing that is different than men.The one thing I can absolutely say that I’ve done right is how I approached finding love in sobriety. Because of this, I was perfectly happy waiting for the romantic relationship that God would be fit to place in my life. Hell, I was even lonely watching my friends fall out of love in sobriety. I’d worked on myself, done two 5th steps, and worked with countless sponsees. Then this guy, my friend, moved to where I was living. As I write this, I’m two weeks from marrying the love of my life, the man I’m positive my higher power wants me with. I was sure that if I was meant to find love in sobriety, God would provide for me. I was there for my friend’s weddings, births, and breakups. Hopefully, I can share some of my experience to those struggling with finding love in sobriety. I built a relationship with my higher power by working the twelve-steps. Still, I felt unqualified to give my friends and sponsees relationship advice. You never know your mate is just behind your sweet smile after completing your profile data.You wouldn't know you will find him/her in no time.

Just be honest and sincere and everything will be in place.

I’ve done a lot of things wrong in my sobriety, a lot. I was lonely watching my friends fall in love in sobriety. Geographically, we were separated, so I only saw him a few times a year. I managed to convince myself that I didn’t have feelings for him. I hadn’t been in a relationship in over five years! I began to seek love in sobriety like I never had before.

Do you know someone who just recovered from addiction(alcohol, drug) ? Are you shy to find a friend, mate, or a partner in life after what you have done in your life?

The answer is here, People like you deserves the best in relationship.

Do not hesitate to express your views and dreams in life.

Put sensible and honest thoughts from within just like the other members views.

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