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Dating scammers in accra ghana

We went as far as taking them for slaves and that has not just affected them in a bad way but also brought so much poverty in their societies.I think they are just getting back at us and what I suggest is that we should be more careful in things that we trust.

I raised six children by myself and they all are very productive in life. Please stop making excuses for the scammer'ssam Please tell me the race of the women you are trying to date.They did not have alot but never blame anyone for them not having alot. if it is suppose to be a white woman you are talking to Ghana or nigeria young men.There are no white women living in ghana or Nigeria.Do not send any money they are faults too I have thought over all what you all wrote and I think it is not fair that someone takes what belongs to you in a very distrusting way. These ghanaian are people that we have scammed since from the dawn of time, deceiving them for their gold and other natural resources.Interesting Building, Batumi da Richard and Jo de Meester Tramite Flickr: Whose idea was it?Did the architect or the contractee decide that they wanted to put a fun-park wheel three quarters of the way up a building?

It looks like the sort of thing a spoilt rich kid demanded. and I want a ferris wheel that I can use without leaving the building!

” What would be really cool is if each “pod” was a different room, bedrooms or dining or living, but you could only get in or out when they had rotated to the right position!

scammeran isaac william , or jacob adams , also talented kids foundation accra . he said he was from richmond texas , and went to accra to buy gold as he made jewellry ! Anyone that knows about them, and how devastating they can be, will never fall prey to them.

and nearly got me it broke my heart , how stupid i was to be taken in with all the loving words you want to hear . REPORTING SCAMPlease help spread the word about these scams.

his email [email protected] 71 madina street accra ghana 00233,199 madina streets accra ,216and a half george street wineba west africa , phone number 002333242815785 . Since there has been no real nationwide media coverage to speak of, word of mouth is the only way people will be made aware of these scams.

Consult officials: info.ghanapolice % [WARNING: SCAM EMAIL] / Lee..fault to Im african amercan from california and I have not take anything from anyone.

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