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Contemporary dating in 2016

One of the most painful rituals a priest becomes familiar with is the death of a marriage.

If one has never observed married love lasting through good and bad times, how will one be able to live it? That is what the contemporary dating scene, America's excuse for a courtship process, teaches.But within the reach of the priest there is a very important contribution that can be made to raising the quality of married life, thereby reducing the divorce rate. One side effect of this prosperity was that compulsory school attendance until high school graduation could be made the norm.It may be that the time has come for the parish priest to break his silence on that social custom which is the precursor to most engagements and most divorces: the contemporary dating scene. Suddenly, an unprecedented number of young men and women of marriageable age were kept out of the job market, and, therefore, out of marriage. Meanwhile, Hollywood was entertaining them with a stream of more or less lewd frivolities about youthful romance, as the music industry was regaling them with endless songs on the same topic.Out of this social and cultural situation was born contemporary dating. Parental authority was still a given; Christian values were still dominant.Within that framework, dating was viewed by parents as a way for youngsters to have fun together before settling down to serious life.As originally practiced, it gave a girl a chance to receive attention from lots of different young men—a different one every weekend, if she played her cards right.

There were lots of movies to go to because Hollywood was policing itself with decency standards, lots of inexpensive ice cream parlors to visit, and lots of friends to go around with, since not many had cars.

There were few dangers in the system for a young person whose circle of acquaintances came from the parish or Catholic school, and who obeyed parental curfew requirements.

Especially if one has spent his or her adolescence learning how to break up. Among some evangelical Protestants, the marriage preparation requirements of the Catholic Church are objects of envy.

Michael Mc Manus, the leader of the Marriage Savers movement, understands that the longer the wait, and the more extensive the preparation, the more likely that a mismatched engagement will be broken—and that is a victory for marriage. First of all, not all dioceses do the in depth preparation that they should.

The premarital personality inventory is not standard everywhere; instruction in the nature of Catholic marriage, especially with respect to the implications of Humanae Vitae, is still lacking in many places.

Improving the program at the diocesan level is a lengthy process, one generally out of reach of the average priest. After World War II, the nation lived through a time of unprecedented prosperity.

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