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Ben howard and india bourne dating

"I've known India since I was a kid, she's my sisters best-friend, which is kinda cool.

Originally from Devon, India released her debut EP, These Days of Ours, last year and she is now working on a second solo EP.I guess everyone relates to raw emotion” I feel like India really gets Ben through a lot on a daily basis.She is his best friend, and with his ex-girlfriend committing suicide and virtually most all of his songs being about this girl, India is something really special to him.I mean, Ben is private already so we wouldn’t hear about who he’s dating, but I bet you that India is really the only meaningful connection that he has with another girl since his ex.Go on here: benhoward.(sorry if the link doesnt work, my internet is being funny.) But it’s his blog; he posts lots of music (which I’m guessing is his favourite), and pictures on there while he travels.The singer/ songwriter and celloist recently performed at Indie Kitchen in Cornwall and on Monday 18th November, she will be supporting Gabrielle Aplin at her gig at The Great Hall in Exeter.

India chats to Rapture about her musical background, performing in Cornwall, and her plans for the future, both with Ben Howard and as a solo artist.

How long have you been singing/ performing and how did you get started?

And hold your gaze There's coke in the Midas touch A joke in the way that we rust, And breathe again.

And you'll find loss And you'll fear what you found When weather comes Tearing down There'll be oats in the water There'll be birds on the ground There'll be things you never asked her Oh how they tear at you now Go your way, I'll take the long way 'round, I'll find my own way down, As I should.

“I think people can hear that when the band and I play, we really mean it.

I have always written songs that draw on my own emotions, and I don’t want to try and hide any of it.

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