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Belle amie one direction dating

Despite being known as the ‘bad boy’ of One Direction, Zayn Malik surprisingly has kept things pretty stable when it comes to his relationships.

But in the years before he met Perrie Edwards, he did, in fact, test the dating waters quite a few times!When I found out he was seeing Rebecca I felt numb.He told me he loved me and promised me the world." YIKES!contestant, Rebecca Ferguson, who Zayn dated despite being six years her junior.When they got together, Zayn was only 18, which obviously shocked TONS of people.The duo only lasted for about four months, stating that their age gap was just too much to handle. Although Perrie and Zayn were on different seasons of the UK's hit show, they hit it off immediately after they met.

After dating for about two years, they announced their engagement in August 2013 while at the premiere of his While most people may not recognize the name Courtney Webb, Directioners know it all too well.

Just months before Zayn and Perrie got engaged, the Australian waitress posted shirtless pictures of Zayn in a bed and said that she hooked up with him, meaning that he cheated on Perrie.

Click through the gallery below to see all the lovely ladies Zayn has, quote-unquote, dated.

debuts in 2010, rumors immediately started circulating that something was going on between Zayn and Cher.

Apparently the pair was seen making out in the contestants' house, sparking questions of a budding romance. Just weeks after the Cher rumors and before he started seeing Rebecca Ferguson, Zayn was canoodling Belle Amie member Geneva Lane.

Following their split, she said, "Zayn's a heartbreaker.

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