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Aquarius and dating

To understand the mystique of the Water Boy, simply absorb the significance of naturalist Charles Darwin, actor James Dean, publisher Helen Gurley Brown and radical Angela Davis all being born beneath this sign of our time.

The mythology behind Aquarius contains strongly gay overtones the straight world rarely mentions.Aquarius is ahead of his time and somewhat uppity about it.Don’t be surprised if he delivers a wild-eyed sermon on some new groundbreaking idea he had-while watching Discovery last week.Aquarians will be found wherever conventions are being bucked and change being promised-Pride marches will have a healthy contingent of Water Bearers leading the charge, but issues like the environment, and social justice for the poor, will attract as much of his commitment.Despite his watery name, Aquarius is ruled by the Element of Air, and the planet of-you guessed it-Uranus.And, yes, for those who were wondering, the overwhelming conventional wisdom is that it fits.

You’ll find that his preferred mode of communication is the unstructured debate.

Don’t even try to agree with him, no matter the topic; he’ll just change the subject and offer more and more deeply improbable premises, until you relent to spar with him.

The Water Bearer is identified with Ganymede, a handsome youth who caught the heavenly eye; first of Eos, Goddess of the Dawn, who abducted him from a lonely sheep-field.

She, in turn lost him to Zeus, King of the Gods, who, having an appropriately Greek interest in young Shepherds, sent an eagle to retrieve him for a houseboy.

Following a great deal of drama over this affair, Zeus was forced by his furious wife to put his boy-toy away among the Constellations for all to admire. Why, so you can use it for conversation starter when making time with an Aquarius, of course!

Naturally, you’ll have to wait in line, because in the cookie-cutter world of speed dating, nearly everyone feels about him as the ancient Greek Gods did…like snatching that one up before he becomes a collector’s trophy.

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