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Akademgorodok dating

They may have been founded in the Silicon Forest or have a major subsidiary there.

Silicon Forest is a nickname for the cluster of high-tech companies located in the Portland metropolitan area in the U. state of Oregon, and most frequently refers to the industrial corridor between Beaverton and Hillsboro in northwest Oregon. In the greater Portland area, these companies have traditionally specialized in hardware — specifically test-and-measurement equipment (Tektronix), computer chips (Intel and an array of smaller chip manufacturers), electronic displays (In Focus, Planar and Pixelworks) and printers (Hewlett-Packard Co., Xerox and Epson).There is a small clean technology emphasis in the area.but initially referred to Washington County on Portland’s west side.First used in a Japanese company’s press release dating to 1981, Lattice Semiconductor trademarked the term in 1984 but does not use the term in its marketing materials.Floating Point Systems, co-founded by three former Tektronix employees in Beaverton in 1970, was the first spin-off company in Silicon Forest and the third (after Tek and ESI) to be traded on the NYSE.These three companies, and later Intel, led to the creation of a number of other spin-offs and startups, some of which were remarkably successful.

A 2003 dissertation on these spin-offs led to a poster depicting the genealogy of 894 Silicon Forest companies.

Unlike other regions with a "silicon" appellation, semiconductors truly are the heart of Oregon's tech industry.

Intel's headquarters remain in Santa Clara, Calif., but in the 1990s the company began moving its most advanced technical operations to Oregon.

Its Ronler Acres campus eventually became its most advanced anywhere, and Oregon is now Intel's largest operating hub.

As of late 2012, Intel has close to 17,000 employees in Oregon—more than anywhere else the company operates.

The following is a sample of past and present notable companies in the Silicon Forest.

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