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Adopted siblings dating

He still has learning difficulties, but is studying business administration at college and has a part-time job at a bowling alley.

I’d wanted to give something back, but actually found I was the one who gained, because the children were so appreciative and responsive.Alan and I provided respite care, with children coming to our house at weekends, and that’s when we began toying with the idea of adopting a child with special needs.It felt like the right path for us because we have so much love to give.It was a big decision, of course, and we had to consider the girls.While infertility may top the list when it comes to the most common reasons for adoption, it is not the only motivator. As foster carers, we’ve had about 70 children placed with us over the years, and while it’s heartbreaking to say goodbye, we know that we’ve done our job and have to let them go. When they were with us for long-term fostering, they captured our hearts and we couldn’t imagine being without them, so we went through the adoption process all over again.Here three mothers tell Ruth Tierney why they chose adopted siblings for their birth children We already had three adult children – our birth daughters Louise, 35, and Rebekah, 26, and an adopted son, Jason, 20 – when we adopted three more in January. It was much easier this time, and age isn’t a barrier these days.

True, our new additions – siblings Kirstie*, 15, Sally*, ten, and William*, eight – weren’t planned.

I was first drawn to adoption when I began volunteering at a home for children with special needs, when our youngest, Rebekah, was about five.

But we thought it would make them better people, more caring and open-minded.

So, 18 years ago, after a two-year adoption process, we welcomed Jason into our lives.

He was two at the time, an endearing boy with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Jason had a brain injury, and we were told he’d never walk or talk, but he has exceeded expectations and can now do both of those things and more.

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